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Want an exciting opportunity to help pave the way for Global Women?

Board Nominations are now open!


Nominations Close 5pm Friday 11 June (NZT)

(See below for further details and matching skills)

    Candidate Information

    Brief Biography

    In no more than 350 words, please outline your background, experience, and motivation for putting yourself forward as a nominee for the Global Women Board.

    This information will be shown to all members during the electronic voting process.

    Matching skills

    To deliver on our new 3-year strategy, critical skills and experience that the board are specifically seeking from nominees are:

    (Select as many as apply)

    Nomination Endorsements by two Global Women members

    Your nomination must be supported by two Global Women Members. Please provide the names of the two existing members endorsing your nomination:

    Thank you for completing the nomination form. Please attach a self-portrait for the voting process and submit your completed form by 5pm (NZT) Friday 11 June 2021.