Champions for Change – Annual Report “The Power Gap” and “The Participation Gap”

Felicity Evans

Felicity has more than 25 years of experience in the finance industry, including in retail and commercial banking and human resources.

Felicity was most recently the General Manager Talent and Culture for ANZ New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia Retail and Wealth – a member of the bank’s executive leadership team in New Zealand, providing strategic counsel on people and culture.

Felicity played key leadership roles across the bank, including in its highly successful 2012 merger of its National Bank and ANZ Bank brands and technology systems and in the company’s recovery from the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

People fulfilling their potential is a passion of Felicity’s. This is particularly so for women advancing their careers, both within ANZ and the wider business community. She has followed through on that by encouraging or developing practical programmes to get more women into senior roles in the bank. It is a testament to Felicity that ANZ New Zealand’s women in management has gone from 32% in 2010 to 41% in 2017 and there is no gender pay gap in the organisation.

But Felicity would be the first to say there is more work to do. She wants to see a 50–50 split between men and women in management positions. That is why both men and women must feature on the shortlist for every job at ANZ – and every interviewing panel must include both men and women.

As part of the bank’s diversity and inclusion agenda Felicity has been a driving force behind establishing workplace flexibility for every staff member. Staff can work flexible hours – this can involve anything from working from home to working part-time to leaving early one afternoon to watch a school sports event.

The bank also offers 18 weeks paid parental leave and two weeks family leave to mothers and fathers and has taken the lead on paying the employer contribution on KiwiSaver while staff are on parental leave. Felicity has convinced her colleagues that these initiatives are a win-win for the company and staff. Her philosophy is that the more engaged people are with their company, the more hard-working and creative those staff are. That’s great for the customer and the shareholder.

ANZ has won multiple awards for its work in these spaces.

Outside of work Felicity is a mother of two and has served as a Royal New Zealand Navy Reserve. She is a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an Associate of the Bankers’ Institute of New Zealand, a former Trustee of Diversity Works and a Trustee of the ANZ Staff Superannuation Scheme.