Members for election

At the AGM in May, in accordance with the NZ Global Women Trust Deed, Chair Vanessa Stoddart and Board member Jo Avenell will retire from the Global Women Board.

Anna Stove will take over as Chair.

Joanna Doolan and Tania Simpson retired from the NZGW Board in March and April 2019 and have been replaced by Agnes Naera and Traci Houpapa.

In addition, Board member Annabel Cotton who joined the Board in 2018 to fill a casual vacancy will stand for election in May 2019, with the Board’s full support.

Penelope Barr-Sellers, nominated by Sarah Kennedy and Faye Langdon, and Emma Parry, nominated by Faye Langdon and Jane Sweeney, stand for election to fill the two vacancies on the Board.

You can view the profiles for those members standing for election at the foot of this page.


Voting process and instructions


There are three votes available meaning you can vote for all members up for election.

There are two ways of voting:



For electronic voting, please note your vote by ticking the checkbox for each Board member and/or candidate. If you do not want to vote for a Board member and/or candidate, please leave the checkbox blank.


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Further information

The voting will be counted by a member of the Global Women Audit and Risk Committee, and CEO or by a representative appointed by them.

The Board’s role is to govern the future strategic direction of Global Women. Each member of the Board takes on a significant role during their term and will need to be committed to contribute to committees that include Finance, Audit and Risk, Membership and Women in Leadership.

For more information on the Global Women AGM, the Board vacancies and the voting process, email or contact Fiona Wylens at or on 021 966 060.


Nominee profiles

Please find below the profile of the Global Women Board member standing for election at the AGM 2019, as well as candidate profiles for the two Board vacancies.

Board member standing for election


Annabel Cotton

Annabel is a professional director and is the Managing Director of Merlin Consulting, an adviser to NZX listed companies on investor relations, governance and equity management.

Her current governance roles include being: a director and Audit and Risk Committee chair at Waikato Regional Airport Limited and Trust Investments Management Limited, an FMA-regulated issuer; and RAW 2014 Limited, Annah Stretton’s female prisoner rehabilitation programme. She is Chair of Hamilton & Waikato Tourism and a trustee of several substantial charities.

Previous governance appointments include being a director and Audit and Risk Committee chair of several NZX-listed companies, a member of the External Reporting Board, a member of the New Zealand Securities Commission for nine years, the first Commissioner for Financial Advisers and a director of Genesis Power Limited pre-IPO.

Annabel is very actively involved in overseeing the running of a 600 acre dairy farm she and her husband own that is close to her home outside Hamilton.

Annabel has been made a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, the Australasian Investor Relations Association, the Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand and NZICA.


Candidates standing for the Board vacancies


Penelope Barr-Sellers

Kia ora, I am proud of my Global Women membership and inspired by the collective of talented women I have the privilege to stand alongside, leaders, change agents and influencers in many fields who see Global Women as a vehicle to give back as well as to promote positive change for women. I have always been a willing supporter of Global Women and have tried to contribute where possible. I would like to actively advance our cause further and see a role on the board as an effective way to do this.

I bring a range of skills to the board table, including previous governance experience. My career has included broadcasting, agency and higher education leadership in New Zealand, the UK and Europe. My core competencies are in communications, brand and reputation building: I currently consult strategically with a number of organisations in sectors from hi-tech, higher education and healthcare. I am a member of the IOD and have completed their full immersion (week long residential course) as well as other governance training. I believe I am analytical, thoughtful and calm and I am well-connected to a broad stakeholder community. I believe I would complement the skills-sets and backgrounds of the current board. I would be honoured to support the further development of Global Women and am willing to dedicate the time, energy and effort this requires.


Dr Emma Parry

I have been a member of Global Women for eight years and have gained enormously from being part of such a diverse, supportive network of amazing women. I am now in a position to give back to Global Women by putting myself forward as a Trustee on the Board. A change in my work roles has given me more capacity to dedicate time & focus to driving the diversity & inclusion dial in NZ. My experience in strategy and growing businesses and along with this a deep understanding of the public sector, means I am well placed to provide the skills needed to balance the Global Women Board and help move the organisation through to the next phase of evolution.

I emigrated to New Zealand in my 20’s as a young Doctor to climb mountains. I trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and was focused on being a researcher, teacher and academic at both Otago and Auckland medical schools. I subsequently underwent a further 3 years training both in NZ and in the UK to sub-specialise in Maternal Fetal Medicine. I used these skills to lead a project in Bhutan via UNICEF to improve outcomes for mothers and babies. This project has continued with significant benefits and resulting in Bhutan meeting the WHO Millennium Development Goal 5.

I then moved into Clinical Leadership within the public health domain where I successfully obtained funding for the first National clinical network. Within this role I was able to bring ground breaking procedures to New Zealand for surgery on twins in utero. My work in New Zealand and in Bhutan was recognised in 2010 with a Woman of the Year award.

In the last five years I have developed a successful business and governance career. For two years I was a Trustee on the Board of Variety the Children’s Charity where we introduced the highly successful Kiwi kids sponsorship programme. Since 2016, I have been Chief Medical Officer & Director of Organic Initiative. This is a NZ company led by a team of passionate women focused on giving all women access to affordable organic sanitary products which are better for women’s health and the environment. I am also Medical Ambassador for Lifestream International, a supplement company focused on healthy plant based products. In this role I have developed a range of pregnancy supplements, Lifemum, which has the latest research-based formulations with education for women being a core focus in the marketing collateral. The roles have given me deep exposure and understanding of the FMCG space.

In my private practice I am based at Ascot Radiology and I am also Chairman of the Board. During the last two years I have established a new pregnancy screening service and expanded the Obstetric and Gynaecology imaging in the practice with increased revenue. As Chairman I have developed clear process and accountabilities within the Board including establishment of three key sub-committees and a move to standardised cloud based documentation.

I have two amazing daughters & I believe that I am a good role model for them. I have been committed to empowering women throughout my career. I have supported women to get into senior roles and have been involved in mentoring, training and many educational opportunities such as webinars and participation in workshops and panel meetings which includes many Global Women events.

I believe that my leadership in health, public sector engagement, charitable work, governance and business/ strategy over 30 years means I am well placed to provide input into the Board in areas identified as gaps; public sector experience and strategic skills. My external sphere of influence is diverse and will be complimentary to the other areas covered by current Board members.


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