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Why Board Members must take company culture seriously

Written by Sonia Breeze, Partner - Consulting, Deloitte, 19.03.18
As Deloitte publishes the 2018 edition of its Directors’ Alert, Talent Partner for the firm Sonia Breeze explains why an effective culture is key to business success and takes a look at some of the ways that Boards and CEOs...

International Women's Day 2018 – what we learned

Written by Annabel J Coxon, Global Women, 09.03.18
In the wake of #MeToo and Time’s Up, this year's International Women's Day offered companies the opportunity to show us how they are driving gender equity. We take a look at some of the news and announcements you may have...
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Five Tips to Re-Energise Millennial Engagement

Written by 15Five [Guest Post], 09.03.18
Millennials have been mislabeled as having a poor work ethic. With just a few tweaks to how you interact and engage with the younger members of your workforce, you can tap into their creativity, encourage their loyalty, and help them...