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The Secret to Gender Equality: Men

Written by Annabel J Coxon, 27.04.18
For decades the focus on gender equality has been improving the lot of women. The movement has been primarily driven by women too. But times are changing, and as millennial men become more senior in the workplace they are becoming...
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6 Ways Gender Equality is Good for Men

Written by Annabel J Coxon, Global Women, 27.04.18
By making flexibility the norm for everyone and ensuring that the most talented people are able to rise to the top, progress on gender equality is good news for men and women alike.
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4 Ways to Unblock the Talent Pipeline

Written by Annabel Coxon, Global Women, 03.04.18
Women don’t just wake up one day and say ‘I will opt out today’. The blockages in the pipeline that women come up against are preventing us from achieving our vision for New Zealand. As we all commit to clearing...