Ki te kotahi te kākaho, ka whati; ki te kāpuia, e kore e whati.

When a reed stands alone it is vulnerable, but a group of reeds together is unbreakable.

This year’s Diversity Report is the third in the series the Champions have commissioned to hold ourselves accountable for improving gender and ethnicity representation in management and governance roles in our organisations.

The results reveal that, while there is still a way to go, the Champions are leading the way. In almost every measure, we compare favourably to the UK, the US, Australia and the NZX50 average. There is cause to celebrate, but not to get complacent.

Our success is uneven – some industries are struggling with diversity in gender participation while others who are strong on their front line will need to focus on improving representation at senior levels in the years ahead. In terms of ethnic diversity, we could all do better.

We have called the key challenges the power gap and the participation gap. Each calls for very different strategic responses. We intend to learn from each other as we lean in to resolving the underlying issues, building on our successes to date and achieving measurable results.




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Case Studies


Championing a diverse mindset at PwC

Broadening their previously single-lensed focus on gender diversity — which was not delivering the rate of change they expected given the focus and energy they had invested — paved their way for a more holistic approach.

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Westpac’s focus for change

Westpac’s story of increasing diversity and inclusion is one of sustained commitment to change. Over the past ten years they have led a wide range of initiatives.

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Aotearoa’s rangatahi at its heart

Heartland is working to create change and make the industry more inclusive, all while aiming to become an employer of choice for Māori.

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