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Over ten months of intensive discovery, Breakthrough Leaders will prepare you to lead organisations in New Zealand and internationally.

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About Breakthrough Leaders

Alongside an exceptional peer group, you will go on a ten-month journey of discovery, learning and deep development. Four immersive and intensive four-day residential courses are complemented by coaching from leading New Zealand business figures. We encourage women to apply who have a significant track record in the private or public, NFP or NGO sector, or in their wider community.

Only 30 exceptional women are selected for the programme each year — ensuring that issues can be discussed freely and individuals can learn from one another. The programme combines distinctive elements of the New Zealand leadership experience with overseas exposure to give participants a truly global perspective. Breakthrough Leaders alumnae become part of one of the most distinguished and powerful networks in the New Zealand leadership sector, continuing to learn from one another well beyond the programme.


Call for Applications

Applications are now closed for the 2020 Global Women Breakthrough Leaders Programme.

Meet the Graduates

Breakthrough Leader Programme alumnae have gone on to lead companies in New Zealand and internationally, started their own business and been promoted into top executive roles.


Meet the Breakthrough Leaders

These are our stories

Breakthrough Leaders Programme 2017 Alumnae


The Benefits

►    A bespoke experience for each woman
►    An exceptional peer group and powerful network
►    A global perspective
►    A focus on implementing real world issues
►    Deliver tangible solution to complex community problem

The Modules

The Breakthrough Leader Programme is focused around four immersive and experiential four-day intensive residential modules, led by world-class business, political and social leaders, that develop and shape the whole leader.


          Leading others


Discover your unique sense of purpose and leadership style.
Understand how to powerfully connect and inspire the people you lead.
Explore presence, emotional intelligence and the development of a strong personal brand.
Build the foundation for mindful leadership. Create a strong leadership intent and agree on a practical road map for the future


          Future Shaper


Learn how to lead for greater social impact.
Find out how organisations can drive behavioural and economic outcomes that benefit New Zealand society as well as the organisation itself.
Visit parliament and engage in robust dialogue with those shaping our country.
Meet esteemed public service CEOs and political ministers.


          Cross-cultural intelligence (CQ)


Grow your cultural intelligence and become a culturally savvy leader who can traverse different types of organisations and create positive change.
Break through biases and communicate with diverse cultural groups.
Develop the means to build environments that support, unify, and mobilise the power of diverse workforces.
Learn to lead across these diverse communities and economies.


          Globally Connected (Overseas)


Articulate global trends that are shaping organisations and the future of work.
Clarify the role culture plays in creating a high performing orgnanisation.
Articulate strategic changes that organisations have to make to address global trends and remain relevant.
Identify the skills, qualities and mindset required to lead in fast moving environments and how technology is altering societal norms.


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Programme Dates


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Investment Cost

Standard registration 2020:

$29,500 + GST


We are delighted to provide scholarships to Māori and Pasifika participants. These scholarships recognise the need to develop a pipeline of diverse women leaders that have the skills and knowledge to drive New Zealand forward.


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1. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date
2. Cancellation Policy – I acknowledge that
a) All cancellations must be in writing
b) To receive a full refund we must send to you any cancellation no later than thirty (30) days before the start of the programme.
c) Due to the high demand for this programme and the pre-programme preparation, cancellations received within:
• Thirty (30) days before the programme begins are subject to a 50% programme fee
• Seven (7) days before the programme begins are subject to a 75% programme fee and
• After the programme begins, all cancellations are subject to full payment.
3. I further acknowledge that should I change job after I have been accepted onto or have started the programme and payment of the programme fee has been made:
a) The programme fee will not be reimbursed.
b) I will be responsible for ensuring that issues concerning the payment of my programme fee that involve my former executive sponsor/employer and me are settled directly between us, without the involvement of NZ Global Women Trust.


1. This disclaimer applies to the provision of reports (Reports) and/or advice (Advice) given or prepared by Global Women as part of its various programmes, including Global Women Breakthrough Leaders Programme, Global Women Activate Leaders Prorgamme and Global Women Mentor Me (together, “Programmes”), together with your participation in Programmes.

2. Your participation in any Programme indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of this disclaimer.

3. While care and thought is taken by Global Women in the preparation and provision of Reports and/or Advice as part of the Programme, Global Women disclaims its liability for errors or omissions contained in such information and does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information supplied.

4. Any reliance you place on Reports and Advice, and the actions and decisions that you make as a result of these or your participation in the Programme is your responsibility and your risk.

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