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Membership to Global Women is by invitation only from an existing member, with the sponsoring member taking a lead role in the process.


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Membership Criteria



  • She is in a leadership role in her area of expertise.
  • She may be a CEO, non-executive director, iwi or cultural leader, senior executive, partner, founder, entrepreneur or known expert (such as an acclaimed author, scientist or artist).
  • She may have received official recognition (awards, titles) for her work and achievements.


  • She will have broad influence.
  • She may use her influential leadership position to reach people outside her organisation.
  • She may sit on boards or associations or hold other positions of leadership or influence outside of her core career interests.
  • She may be invited to attend and speak at events that impact people beyond her current organisation or industry.
  • She may have a following of an influential few (beyond her organisation), or a broad group of many – or both.
  • She may have international associations and insights that benefit our work in New Zealand.


  • She uses her influence to catalyse progress for New Zealand women.
  • She actively uses her influence in politics, business, NGOs, iwi or cultural organisations, and/or the media to impact, encourage and facilitate the development of New Zealand women to increase diversity in leadership.
  • She may have initiated projects, actions or process changes that show impact in terms of improving gender and/or ethnic balance in the workplace (or have plans that show demonstrable investment towards these goals).
  • She may educate others (women and men) on the benefits of diversity of thought and experience.
  • She may collaborate with other senior leaders to move New Zealand women into positions of leadership by developing their professional capabilities, competencies and skills.
  • She may be a go-to person for the media on the topics of diversity and inclusion.
  • She may use her social media reach to champion diversity and inclusion.


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Members’ Impact Groups are self-managing groups that mobilise around setting goals and plans to make a positive difference within their spheres of influence.


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