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Let's kick-start progress on board diversity

Written by Annabel J Coxon, Global Women, 23.10.17
This is the time for men and women to kick-start progress on board diversity together, whether you’re on a board or considering joining one. How do we do this? Through three tangible actions - good preparation, identifying your skills, and...
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Do targets and quotas help gender equality?

Written by Annabel J Coxon, Global Women, 20.10.17
Prominent Kiwi companies have seen success with targets but have been reluctant to introduce quotas. What's the evidence of the effectiveness of targets and quotas to accelerate board diversity around the world?
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Work-life balance: Work is something you do, not somewhere you go

Written by Anna Stove, General Manager GlaxoSmithKline NZ Ltd, 27.09.17
Evidence shows that promoting a healthy work-life balance in your workplace will help you to attract and retain skilled staff and boost productivity. So what can leaders do to drive this change? Anna Stove shares her advice on the Global...
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E kuhu! 10 actions to close the gender pay gap

Written by Annabel J Coxon, Global Women, 21.09.17
The desire and drive for pay equity, reiterated by speakers at the summit, was unanimous. Everybody understands why pay equity is important. The focus for the day? How to achieve it. Here are 10 actions to close the gender pay...