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6 signature traits

The 6 signature traits of leaders of the future

Written by Global Women, 14.07.15
The world has changed and will only keep changing, which means the very context in which leaders try to lead their teams is hugely different. In the Asia-Pacific, futurists have identified three megatrends emerging alongside each other, outlined in the Fast Forward report by Deloitte...
Digital Disruption 090815

Digital Disruption and how to adapt as a leader

Written by Global Women, 09.07.15
Digital is now disrupting society on every level, changing the nature of work itself. Last month, Global Women's Breakthrough Leaders[sitetree_link,id=34] module zeroed in on Digital Disruption, bringing in an array of world-class experts to speak on the topic. Sandy Burgham   We asked Sandy Burgham, director of...
Female Managers

Female managers have the engagement advantage says Gallup report

Written by Global Women, 07.07.15
Female managers are more engaged and inspire more engagement, according to The State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders report. The report, released in May by US consulting company Gallup, provides an in-depth look at what sets great managers apart from the...