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HeForShe launches in New Zealand

Written by Global Women, 16.12.15
Last month, November 2015, HeForShe launched in New Zealand. The 22 committed New Zealand HeForShe champions are diverse, from CEOs to politicians to entertainers  – include two from Global Women investment partner organisations: Mike Bullock, chief operating officer of ANZ New Zealand and Leo Foliaki,...
PwC talks Diane Foreman

Diane Foreman on growing your business - PwC Herald Talks

Written by Global Women, 09.12.15
Global Women member and accomplished entrepreneur Diane Foreman won’t hire anyone for an offshore role without interviewing their partner first, because if the family situation won't work, neither will the role - and she also checks out their house. Speaking this morning at the PwC...
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Increasing your Visibility: Lindsay Render's journey

Written by Lindsay Render, 07.12.15
The Breakthrough Leaders programme launched a new concept this year entitled the “visibility challenge” where each participant must raise their profile against an issue or cause of importance to them. This is an exercise outside their comfort zone - resulting in an array of...