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Diversity of thought - the missing puzzle piece

Written by Global Women, 29.03.16
* JulietBourke * *‘Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make smarter decisions’* - Deloitte Partner of Consulting, Juliet Bourke releases breakthrough book shedding light on how to use a diverse workforce to its full potential. If investors knew...

Leaders' diversity pledge a 'foot on the accelerator'

Written by Global Women, 18.03.16
*The Champions for Change summit has produced an action-oriented plan to accelerate New Zealand’s future success and global competitive advantage through diversity and inclusive leadership. * The country’s top CEOs worked collaboratively at the Champions for Change summit on March 14 to reach a collective agreement, the...
international womens day

Make the pledge today for a better tomorrow

Written by Global Women, 08.03.16
As it stands we will not live to see gender parity in our lifetimes. According to World Economic Forum predictions, we are 117 years (approximately 42,000 days) away from achieving global gender parity. International Women’s Day is the opportunity to #PledgeForParity and create a better...