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ActivationSeries 21Mar

Powerhouse panel shares cheat-sheet to success in a VUCA world

Written by Global Women, 05.04.16
Global Women investment partner representatives witnessed a powerhouse panel, facilitated by Global Women diversity director Justine Munro, at the Activation Series in Auckland on March 21. Michelle ‘Nanogirl’ Dickinson, Anna Curzon and Pip Greenwood have blazed trails to success in their respective fields, but not without...

Dr. Emma Parry - just say yes

Written by Global Women, 04.04.16
Emma Parry The 2016 Aspiring Women Leaders’ Summit for Queensland Health on March 10 saw Global Women member Dr. Emma Parry speak to a captivated audience about her career journey, how to achieve a work-life balance, and most importantly, why saying yes has been so...