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What does it mean to be a member?

Three Global Women members explain why they are members of this collective, driving diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand.


What do members do?

Our members are a collective of ambassadors for Global Women and our goal of driving diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand. Members champion diversity and inclusion by: mentoring women, regularly speaking at events and in the media, making substantial change within their own organisations and beyond to support and promote other women, and developing specific initiatives to increase diversity in leadership.


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Why become a member?

Members build connections with exceptional women in their industry and across New Zealand and globally. They are empowered to influence change by the strength of the collective. Members share experiences, learn and are inspired across a range of special events, including the annual members’ hui, which features world-class speakers and stimulating sessions. They receive access to a library of resources to support them to speak in the media, on panels and at events. Within this community, support is readily given, advice exchanged, and opportunities embraced.


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Traci Houpapa, Global Women Member

Whānau and whakapapa. This is what makes Traci Houpapa who she is today. Those who came before her fought for justice through sit-in protests and active involvement in Maori land settlements. That includes her father, her hero, shown in the photograph she holds. Today, Traci carries that mana as a champion for justice in her own right. As a Global Women member, an award-winning company director, the leader of the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity, and a well-known advocate for diverse and inclusive boards.

About the image at top of page: The painting on Traci Houpapa’s wall shows a table of glasses, empty after a celebration that brought whānau together.

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