2020 Diversity Awards NZ: Congratulations to our partners NZ Police, Deloitte, Heartland Bank and Fletcher Building

Once you have confirmed that your nominee meets the membership criteria, your next step is to sponsor and submit her nomination using our online form. The Membership Committee reviews nominations twice a year. If you have any queries please contact members@globalwomen.org.nz.

Membership nominations close February 12th 2021.

We recommend drafting your answers first, then copying and pasting them into the form, in case you can’t complete the nomination in one go and need to start again at another time. Once you have completed and submitted the online form a copy will be sent to Global Women, to your nominee, and to you.

Review the nomination checklist before starting to ensure that you have all the information you need.


Download the Nomination Checklist

Nominator Contact Information

About Your Nominee

Ethnicity (based on Level 1 Statistics NZ Ethnic Classification System)

Select secondary industry (can select multiple)

Link to your LinkedIn profile

Go to your profile and copy and paste the URL

e.g. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-wylens/

Membership Criteria


Please give examples of her ability to influence beyond her current position. (500 words max)

For instance, she may:

  • use her influential leadership position to reach people outside her organisation
  • hold memberships, have associations, or sit on boards outside her current workplace
  • be regularly invited to attend and speak at events
  • have a following of an influential few and/or a broad group of many
  • have international experience that benefits our work at home in New Zealand


Please give examples of how she uses her influence to catalyse progress for New Zealand women. (500 words max)

For instance, she may:

  • actively use her influence to impact, encourage and facilitate the development of New Zealand women to increase diversity in leadership
  • have initiated projects, actions or changes that improve gender and/or ethnic balance in the workplace
  • educate others on the benefits of diversity
  • collaborate with other senior leaders to develop the professional capabilities, competencies and skills of New Zealand women
  • be a go-to person for the media on the topics of diversity and inclusion
  • use her social media reach to champion diversity and inclusion.

Additional Nominee Information

Please add any additional information (i.e. background, experience and aspirations) that you feel qualifies your nominee for membership). (300 words max)


By submitting the nomination form you confirm that the nominee (a) consents to having the above information shared with the Global Women Membership Committee and to receiving email communications from Global Women and; (b) identifies in a way that is consistent with the Global Women membership criteria. 

For information on the membership process, please contact the Membership and Operations Manager, Fiona Wylens, on +64 21 966 060 or members@globalwomen.org.nz.