Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive place of work and has begun a number of initiatives with an initial focus on gender and ethnic diversity. Heartland’s Board and Senior Management strongly believe that not only does diversity foster creativity and innovation – because people from different walks of life tackle problems differently – it also provides access to the broadest possible talent pool.

Embracing diversity starts with creating a culture in which people of all genders, backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientation feel welcome, included and valued. Heartland is aware that it needs to respect these differences and capture the advantages they provide. It is committed to providing a work environment where its people all feel safe and free from any form of harassment.

Heartland has a goal to increase Māori representation with an objective, over time, of becoming the employer of choice for emerging Māori talent. Heartland has recently employed a Māori Language Specialist in its People & Culture team. In addition to running Māori language lessons for Heartland’s people, this role is responsible for a programme of work that includes: Translating parts of the corporate website (pae tukutuku) into reo Māori; further developing Heartland’s intern programme with the InZone Education Foundation; organising bi-lingual (reorua) signage for all of our offices; and advising on how we can make our people processes more culturally appropriate and inclusive.

In the area of gender, Heartland has made good progress in recent years. The CEO’s Senior Management Group is split 50/50 male/female and the Leadership Team is currently sitting at 40 percent female. The current focus is to look for ways to attract and retain female leaders and improve gender balance throughout the business.

Heartland is a New Zealand bank with roots stretching back to 1875 and a proud history of serving communities through respected names like CBS Canterbury, Southern Cross Building Society, PGG Wrightson Finance and MARAC. In 2015 we became the only NZ registered bank to be listed on the NZX Main Board.